Davos 2018: Theresa May and Donald Trump to meet – live updates

Good morning from Davos.

It’s another big day at the World Economic Forum, with Theresa May giving a keynote speech this afternoon – and meeting Donald Trump on the sidelines.

The UK PM is expected to put technology giants under pressure to clean up their act and tackle extreme content.

She’ll say:

Her meeting with Trump will be a chance to talk trade after Brexit, discuss terrorism, and perhaps patch up that Special Relationship after the row over the US embassy.

As Beth Rigby from Sky News puts it:

President Trump set off for Davos last night – part of the biggest US delegation ever. We’ll be hearing more from his team this morning.

There’s also masses of other events, covering gender equality, financial stability, tax avoidance and climate change.

Here are some highlights coming up today

9am Davos (8am UK): Malala Yousafzai on girls education

9.15am Davos: Debate: could rogue technology kill us all?

10.30am Davos: A speech by King Abdullah II of Jordan

11am Davos: Debate: How should leaders fighting climate change, with Greenpeace boss Jennifer Morgan and Al Gore

11am Davos: Debate: How to remake global finance, with IMF chief Christine Lagarde, chancellor Philip Hammond, US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, Larry Fink

2pm Davos: Special address by prime minister Theresa May

3pm Davos: Debate: Beyond the Paradise Papers: Can Global Tax Avoidance Be Stopped?

4pm Davos: A speech by Benjamin Netanyahu

6pm Davos: Are cryptocurrencies going to cause a financial crisis?

6.30pm Davos: A debate on global warming