Davos 2018: Merkel and Macron to address World Economic Forum – Day 2 live


France’s Macron will be in Davos for all of four hours. Meeting with Netanyahu, Jordan’s King Abdullah. No one from US delegation, at least officially. #WEF2018

Last night, around 2000 demonstrators in Zurich marched in protest at Donald Trump’s visit to the World Economic Forum.

Reuters reports that a small group even managed to demonstrate here in Davos:

About 20 demonstrators broke through security to reach the Davos Congress Centre, holding banners and shouting “Wipe out WEF” before they were peacefully disbanded by police.

“Trump is just one of the other people we disagree with. We’ve been protesting every year now against the World Economic Forum and if Trump comes or not we don’t care. Trump is just, maybe he’s just the best symbol of this world,” protester Alex Hedinger told Reuters TV in Davos.

Now this is interesting…. Treasury secretary Stephen Mnuchin is going to give a briefing at Davos in around 30 minutes.

Today’s meeting is billed “We are open for business” – perhaps an attempt to calm worries over President Trump’s America First agenda….


Just In: US Secretaries will hold press briefings every day the rest of the week at #WEF18 in #Davos in an effort to get their message out and clarify their America First message.First up today = Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.Here are the Trump team’s planned themes pic.twitter.com/HHLoR8Fbvw

Good morning. The second day of the World Economic is getting underway, with a strong European flavour.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Emmanuel Macron and Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni are all due on the Davos main stage today – a chance to set the agenda before Donald Trump’s eagerly-awaited speech on Friday.

But the Americans are already fighting for the spotlight. US Treasury secretary Stephen Mnuchin is in town, and speaking to the press this morning (we’ll hopefully have more on that soon).

Spain’s King Filipe, and the presidents of Brazil and Zimbabwe are also making appearances.

Plus, Davos delegates will be discussing economic inequality (despite the obvious irony), slavery, and the opportunity and threats posed by technology.

There’s even a footballer in town. Manchester United’s Juan Mata will be pushing his Common Goal charitable fund, which encourages sports stars to donate some of their massive salaries to good causes.

Here’s some of the events we’ll try to cover:

10am Davos (9am GMT): IMF chief Christine Lagarde on “Solving the Economic Generation Gap”

10.20am Davos (9.20am GMT): Special Address by Michel Temer, President of Brazil

11.15am Davos (10.15am GMT): Spain’s King Felipe VI speaks

12.30pm Davos (11.30am GMT): Session on ‘Stabilizing the Mediterranean’ with Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni and Greece’s Alexis Tsipras

2pm Davos (1pm GMT): Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa speaks

2.20pm Davos (1.20pm GMT): Special Address by Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

3.30pm Davos (2.30pm GMT): Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai on AI and technology’s impact on society

4pm Davos (3pm GMT): A session on how to end slavery

5.30pm Davos (4.30pm GMT): Special Address by Emmanuel Macron, President of France

6pm Davos (5pm GMT): Manchester United’s Juan Mata talks about his Common Goal charitable work