CSN Meridian: Listing Rosia Montana gold mining site as UNESCO Heritage harms Romania’s economic interests

Bucharest — The ‘Meridian’ National Trade Union Confederation cautions the Parliament of Romania, the government, the President of Romania and the public authorities competent on national security that the illegal entry of the Rosia Montana gold and silver mining site on the UNESCO World Heritage list harms Romania’s economic and strategic interests, a release informs.

“The value of Rosia Montana’s historical and cultural heritage cannot be challenged, but any action to protect it must be in accordance with the law and the principles of sustainable development that allow keeping a living and prosperous community in the region of the Apuseni Mountains. Stealthily entering Rosia Montana on the UNESCO list, in disregard of the legal procedures, but also of Romania’s economic and strategic interests, is an irresponsible act that will have foreseeable effects. What is pursued by conferring Rosia Montana UNESCO World Heritage status is not the rescue of the site, but blocking for good Europe’s largest gold and silver resource, which the Romanian state is bound to put to use in the interest of its citizens,” the trade unionists say.

According to them, no other country in the world abuses UNESCO protection at such scale, with the sole aim of blocking access to mineral resources.

“Through the Rosia Montana mining project Romania can become EU’s main gold and silver producer. Restarting mining activities at Rosia Montana will also act as a catalyst for investments in other mining regions such as Moldova Noua, Rosia Poieni, Baia Mare, Lesu Ursului, which need a new industrial and technological base to encourage their economic and social development by creating new jobs and new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies.”

The trade union leaders also argue that with over 4.5 million people having left the country, Romania has the second largest migration count after Syria, as people were forced to leave the country because of poverty, “and we want to bury at UNESCO one of our greatest resources, that is sit on gold and starve to death.”

“In view of the above-mentioned aspects, we request that the competent public authorities promptly start verifications to determine the circumstances and facts that have led to the illegal registration of Rosia Montana’s candidacy for UNESCO Heritage status, in order to remove the effects that harm national interest and Romania’s economic and social development prospects,” the release states.

This article provided by NewsEdge.