Consequences of Midterm Elections for the Market

Laws and policies responsible for inspiring and compelling intelligent risk driving sustainable growth will not change.

  • The Tax Cut & Jobs Act and opening up of Anwar will not be repealed.
  • Fairer trade agreements and policies will continue to be achieved and pursued.
  • Unproven regulations will continue to be rolled back.
  • The probability for the Senate approving strict constructionist judges is now much higher.
  • Existing foreign policy will continue to be communicated, applied, and enforced.
  • Military capabilities will continue to improve.
  • Boarders will continue to be secured, immigration laws enforced, and law enforcement vigorously supported.
  • Efforts to improve healthcare and bring down healthcare costs will continue.
  • The DOJ will continue to aggressively pursue pedophiles and human trafficking.

In short corporate earnings will continue to grow and GDP increase as existing laws and policies remain in place.

What is not known is if threatened investigations have the foundation necessary to validate their creditability. Will practical and sustainable solutions for immigration and healthcare be presented by newly elected representatives? In other words will they keep their promise to be bipartisan and unifiers?

The Wild Cards:

  • Polling the Thursday before Midterms by Axios and Survey Monkey reported 72% of Americans believe, “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.” Will this result in higher levels of sensitivity for the actions of elected officials? What will the impact of increased sensitivity be on the 2020 elections?
  • Will the FED move to a restrictive policy that is unjustified when 37% of adults are not participating in the labor market, capacity utilization is at 78.1%, and their target inflation rate of 2% is holding?

Yesterday’s hysterics by the press suggest the 72% who no longer find traditional news sources creditable will grow in number.

Today’s Fed Announcement at 2 PM ET will give us a clearer indication of the Fed’s intentions.

Remember the majority of the talking heads are either unqualified, biased, or intentionally misleading. Trust your own curiosity, ability to dig for information/details, and reasoning. You will be much more aware and secure your identity and independence from intensifying efforts to deceive, manipulate, and exploit you.