Consequences of Illegal Immigration and Trade Imbalances

When illegal acts are ignored and trade imbalances tolerated they take on the appearance of an entitlement.  Entitlements are difficult if not almost impossible to roll back. Let us recognize the illusion of entitlement while there is still time.

Trade imbalances as of May 10, 2018

China – $375 Billion; Mexico – $71 Billion; Japan – $69 Billion; Germany – $65 Billion; Canada – $18 Billion.

The policy of the current Administration is to lower trade deficits. Not force trading partners to incur them. Common sense tells us lowering the trade deficit will result in more jobs and higher wages. Fewer people requiring aid and more people paying taxes. This translates into lower crime, more funding for education, and more dollars for those who remain in hardship.

Immigration statistics:

32 % of federal inmates are aliens. 

92% of foreign nationals in federal prison are illegal immigrants.

In 2017 74% of ICE arrests were of immigrants with criminal convictions. 16% with pending criminal charges. In other words 9 out of 10 arrests by ICE in 2017 were based on criminal conduct.

Illegal immigration currently costs U.S. taxpayers $135 Billion per year. 

Total cost of illicit drugs in 2017 $193 Billion. 

Should DACA recipients be able to earn a path to citizenship? Yes, and it is being offered by the Administration in return for immigration reform and Boarder Security.  The cost of the ‘Wall’ and upgraded security is more than reasonable based on statistics above. Even more so when you factor in the communities that suffer the most from illegal immigration are already at the greatest risk for poverty, crime, and failing education and healthcare systems.

Know the facts. Imagine what could be done by the U.S. to battle crime and corruption in places like Honduras and Guatemala with the savings that would come from fairer trade and Boarder Security.  Problems would be moving towards solution not exacerbation.