Common Sense Election Analysis Equals Red Wave

Figuring out Tuesday’s Midterm Election outcome is not that hard. The talking heads, most of whom are either unqualified, biased, or intentionally working to deceive, manipulate, and exploit you know the Republicans are going to gain a boat load of seats in the Senate and hold the House. Here is why:

  • Democratic base will vote Democratic however despite successful voter registration and organized ground game its base is shrinking fast.
    • Trump’s fairer trade, and EPA roll back has put a lot of union members back to work and bodes well for the future of the auto, steel/aluminum, and mining industries. They are not going screw with what is working for them for the first time in decades.
    • #Walkaway Movement is heating up. Record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians plus Trump enforcing immigration laws:
      • Protects the most at risk communities.
      • Lifts wages by eliminating illegal workers.
      • Reduces pressures / burdens on public schools.
    • Republican base will vote Republican.
      • Republican base is growing.
      • Early voting by Republicans is running ahead of 2016.
    • Independents are always the difference makers in an election. Their decisions are based on logic (common sense) not emotion and partisanship.
      • Common sense / logic tells us Independents will choose pro-growth, strong military, and a conservative Supreme Court to ensure consistent interpretation of the Constitution.
        • Consistent enforcement and application of the law is the foundation of intelligent risk.
          • Intelligent risk is the key to sustainable growth.
        • Independents know Trump will keep his word on making sure pre-existing conditions are covered in the final reform of health care. The Right to Try, aggressively working to lower prescription prices, and fractional increase in premiums due to increased competition in insurance markets secure that much more of the Independent vote.
        • Trump has kept his word to Veterans. Don’t think for a moment that this is not a huge deal to many traditional Democratic voters and their families.

What you are seeing from Nancy Pelosi and biased cable media (note a majority now trust the administration to tell the truth more than the media) is positioning. They are expressing overwhelming confidence and claiming victory 7 days out so they can express shock and dismay at an outcome that has been obvious from the beginning. If it were close then the Democrats would be saying so to ensure their base, especially young people show up at the polls. Saying its over creates significant risk they will not make the effort to vote.

Yes history says the party of the sitting President gets whacked in the Midterm. However this sitting President has delivered for all Americans. Benefits from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, fairer trade, and rollback of unjustified regulations are in their infancy. The runway for Trump’s policies is long. His energy and foreign policies are creating stability. Look how North Korea and Syria have improved. Iran will be settled soon and the Middle East is next.  The trend is World Peace and a renovated U.S. Military to keep it. China will be allowed to save face and Putin would much rather prosper than fight.  (more on next page)

The Trump Administration gets out of the ground after the Midterms and story after story, each more efficient than the one before will lift the U.S. and the World to levels of peace and prosperity not imagined. Hopefully the haters and the faux victims will realize they have been played by Democratic leadership and their allies in the media, and #Walkaway to sanity and the Greater Good.