Column: A bold vision – North Port’s future is waiting

By Staff Writer

I see a future for North Port that recognizes our assets and applies them to create economic growth; it is a future that defines an economy by adding new opportunities to our city; it is a future that captures the spirit of an engaged citizenry; and it is a future that ensures a vibrant economic future for the city, its residents, its businesses and its regional partners.

I believe we can achieve this by:

Optimizing Warm Mineral Springs and making it a world-class wellness destination.

Positioning North Port as a medical city of the future offering our residents access to the best medical resources, including a “hospital of the future.”

Establishing a regional entertainment district that puts us in the tourism business and gives North Port residents a town center.

Promoting ecotourism by attracting world class eco lodge facilities while protecting the environment and giving residents access to our preserved land.

Delivering a workforce/entrepreneurship training program that creates meaningful jobs of the future for our residents.

Establishing a creative retirement center that engages our senior population and encourages learning, activity and community engagement.

Ensuring every home and business in North Port has access to high- speed internet.

I have over 15 years of corporate experience and another 25 as a small business owner.

I have been a resident of North Port since 1993, and for the past 15 years I have volunteered to achieve intelligent, planned growth for the city of North Port and have worked closely with local, county and state governments to achieve that goal. I am well-acquainted with the mechanics of how government works. More importantly, I bring economic development experience, a vision for the city of North Port, and long-established relationships with the people and organizations who can help us achieve a bright future.

My community experience introduced me to a wide array of resources. At Vision North Port, I worked with residents who shared their dreams and visions; at NPEDC I became connected with business leaders at the highest levels; as a community activist I became connected with government leaders throughout the region and state.

Those experiences and collaborative actions have resulted in more than 20 accomplishments including the Suncoast Technical College coming to North Port through the NP EDC; the formation of the Friends of Shannon Staub Library; the preparation and publication of the Vision North Port Citizen Master Plan; the formation of the the target industries with the Business and Economic Development Advisory Board, the city’s first economic development plan that could generate 1,700 new jobs through the private NP EDC; the Warm Mineral Springs ECOFest through Vision North Port; tThe establishment of the Masquerade Ball through Vision North Port and a signature fundraiser today for the Boys and Girls club, and a host of other successes that have had positive impacts on the city.

Over the past months, I have met with hundreds of residents at my weekly “Coffee Talks with Peter” on Wednesday’s at Olde World Restaurant, the Bobcats Marketplace every Saturday at North Port High School, the recent “Believe-Ability Conference” I hosted, the Candidate Forum, and numerous radio shows.

People are telling me they are tired of wasteful spending on consulting, approving plans that never get implemented, and pushing decisions down the road like Warm Mineral Springs, Price Boulevard, and the road and drainage assessment. They are telling me they want change and a plan for North Port’s future.

They want a government that is more sensitive and compassionate; more proactive; more visionary; more action- oriented.

As we wake up every day, our future is unfolding. We need to be defining that future and working to achieve its potential.

I am not new to this challenge, I am ready and prepared for it. North Port is ready.

If you want a plan for North Port’s future that includes jobs, health care, diversifying the tax base, preserving the environment, creating a city with centers of excellence, and internet access for every home and business, then vote for me.

Let’s Build North Port’s future – today!

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