Collin County Libertarian Party Announces Slate of 2018 Candidates

The Libertarian Party of Texas recently held precinct, county, district and state conventions to nominate candidates for offices at all levels.

The Libertarian Party nominates candidates by convention instead of by primary election, so each candidate vied for nomination at the appropriate level convention.

The Libertarian Party, which stands for minimal government interference, social tolerance, restoration and protection of constitutional freedoms, and privatization of many government functions, identifies itself as the Party of Principle. Locally, The Libertarian Party of Collin County oversees the party’s activities under the leadership of County Chairman Shawn Jones. The following candidates will appear on the ballot in Collin County:

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives are Christopher Claytor (District 3), Ken Ashby (District 4) and Melina Baker (District 32).

Candidates running for the Court of Criminal Appeals include William Bryan Strange III for Place 1 and Mark Ash for Place 8.

Neal Dikeman is the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate.

Mike Wright is running for Railroad Commission, Matt Pina is the Land Commissioner candidate, and Richard Carpenter will vie for Agriculture Commissioner.

The following candidates are running for single seat state-wide offices: Ben Sanders for comptroller, Michael Ray Harris for attorney general, Kerry McKinnon for lieutenant governor and Mark Tippetts for governor.

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