Cognitive Power

Cognitive Power, a trader’s ability to filter, process, and apply information fast enough to keep decisions ahead of price movement; is the key to outperforming the market.

Unfortunately traders spend their time discerning where and when price will move instead of strengthening their decision-making process. To make things more challenging; academia, professional training (trader/investor development), and even organizational development do not teach how to strengthen the Cognitive Process. They focus on functional instruction and leave development of foundational beliefs and behaviors, optimizing decision-making and execution to chance.

Cognitive Power is developed and strengthened by building self-trust. The more conviction you have for the beliefs and behaviors directing and supporting your decision-making, the sharper your focus will be. When you have great clarity for what you want to do, why, and how to do it all your energy becomes available to develop awareness for when to enter and exit the market. You find your way to better information, analyze it faster, and make more out of it.

Self-trust is strengthened by identifying foundational beliefs; forming the professional beliefs harnessing your energy. Next list the behaviors driven by your foundational beliefs. Foundational behaviors develop the high awareness to effectively direct and support development and performance. This exercise develops tangible understanding for how you are leading yourself to the work that matters most and preparing to do it best. Tangible understanding is superior to the abstract concept of personal accountability and why the exercise starts you on the path to building trust most effectively.

Please keep this in mind. If our understanding for the power and construction of trust were complete then there would be no conflict. We would have realized our collective potential. We would be falling over ourselves as we strive to help each other out. We would be living in Paradise instead of struggling to discern who, what, and when to trust.