CNN is not a reliable news source

By Staff Writer

CNN lied again saying President Trump only expressed care and sympathy for Brett Kavanaugh, and not one bit of mention at all for any of the women.

I and many Americans watched the whole speech, and he did show concern and sympathy for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Another lie for Americans to witness.

If I worked for any of those aforementioned TV news stations, I would look for another job with a more honest and reputable company.

I and all of my friends that I talked to say those TV news stations are not credible, reliable or honest in their reporting. To the contrary, they twist, bend and distort the truth and in many cases deceive and lie.

Also, CNN said Trump was not fair to the women reporters today.

From what we saw, I believe he let more women ask questions than men, except one, who would not wait until he was finished with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement questions. He asked her twice to let him finish that line of questions before he moved on to Brett Kavanaugh.

She was rude and pushy as viewers witnessed.

Can’t CNN come up with something less petty and more important to report?

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