Canadians Vote

Canada votes today.

Will Canadians continue the trend away from socialism to nationalism/populism?

U.K. Parliament failure to ratify Brexit Agreement on Saturday can be expected to push support for Leave even higher than the 60% + already behind it. Failure to ratify is shocking when the size of the majority and the Queen’s wishes for completion of Brexit are considered.

What message do you think ignoring the majority and the Queen sends to the Yellow Vests in France? The Freedom Movement in Hong Kong? Voters in Germany and the rest of the EU who are furious over the betrayal of open boarder policies?

Why is this movement accelerating away from socialism to nationalism/populism? Because despite the best efforts of the Aligned Media to conceal and misdirect, the depth of corruption is now out in the open and more exposed with each passing day.

Following the money whether it is Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation; or the sons of Biden, Romney, Pelosi, and Kerry sitting on the boards of well-connected foreign entities, the people have wised up to the mechanics used to sell them out. Expect more sunlight to shine on domestic U.S. corruption, facilitated through aid to big cities, as the recent death of a powerful House Member is sure to trigger more questions.  Sooner rather than later the trillions in unaccounted spending at the Department of Defense and HUD, going back decades, will need to be reconciled.

Ask yourself why AG’s of past administrations, both republican and democrat, have refused to investigate these massive financial discrepancies and blatant pay for play? The same question can be asked of halfhearted investigation of corruption at the U.N., and the governing body of the Olympics.

Expect Canada to ‘follow the money’ when they go to the polls today.