Are the Bulls Off To The Races and Taking Nike With Them?

It was a very slow day in the markets but we were able to identify a potential bullish opportunity in Nike (NKE). Employing the artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics we found that NKE had a bullish crossover on Friday. You can see in the video that is the blue line crossing over the black line in the upper chart. At the same time, we see that the neural index (just below the price chart, (which shows short term strength) is GREEN. Add to that that the predictive high and lows were higher than Friday’s actual high and low. Lastly, the short, medium and long term predictive differences we all positively sloped. All four of these indications point to strength to the upside in NKE. For the options player, we highlighted the March 23rd weekly expiration 68.5/70 call vertical could be purchased for $0.45.