Break It Down and Think It Through

Do you really think the beliefs and political positions held by Congress women Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Radhida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar are held by the majority of voters in their districts?

What percent of the population actually supports the extreme positions endorsed by the Governors of New York, Virginia, and Illinois to promote and protect abortion? Do you really believe the unspeakable acts performed against the innocent and defenseless in the womb by Planned Parenthood are accepted by the majority of Americans?

How many Americas do you think would actually vote for socialism if they took the time to understand what it is, requires, and learned its history? Even though Bernie, AOC, and their followers struggle with simple math, and fail to comprehend what is happening in Venezuela; informed voters do not.

Do you really believe the majority of Americans support open borders and favor the well-being of illegal immigrants over the most vulnerable U.S. Citizens?

Remember the Aligned Media is doing its best to project extreme views as mainstream beliefs. They never miss an opportunity to fabricate hate and likely have their own production crews creating the opportunity. They continue to promote false narratives surrounding the 2016 election. If the Aligned Media were truly Champions of Women they would have Sharyl Attkisson’s back, be going out of their way to support Lara Logan, and celebrate Candace Owens.

Freshman members of Congress, promising bipartisanship, have been exposed. Unless they shift gears Trump’s Coattails will sweep them out of office in 2020. None of the announced 2020 Presidential Candidates can pass the smell test.  And the DNC snubbing FOXWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up for primary debates is beyond stupid.

Release of Baker, McCabe, Ohr, and Lynch Congressional Testimony are early confirmation of the soft coup attempted by the Obama Administration. Muller’s findings pave the way for unredacted release of DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s June 2018 Report. Examining the behavior of the FBI and DOJ while investigating the Clinton Foundation, HRC email while Secretary of State, and opened the door to investigation of Uranium One and AGT International. Waiting to drop is Horowitz’s FISA Report. The transparency created by declassification and IG reporting sets the table for unsealing thousands of indictments secured by U.S. Attorney Huber and others based on evidence uncovered by Horowitz’s team.

Still waiting in the wings is the Department of Homeland Security’s Report on 2018 domestic election fraud. You should be confident safeguards are already being put into place securing the integrity of 2020 election.

When you break it down and think it though the Aligned Media is on its deathbed. Declassification makes it a lock. Google (Your Tube), Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many others are under the microscope for engineering election fraud. If you are willing to look, evidence for their facilitation of illegal spying on U.S. Citizens is abundant. What happened to, “Do No Evil?”