Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin – What Investors Need to Consider

Anticipating how Blockchain Technology will impact the economy, illustrates just how fast the rate of change is accelerating.


  • Refinancing your home or car with just a few taps on your smartphone. Better still, imagine an app sending your alerts identifying the best opportunities to do so.
    • Financial records built on Blockchain Technology is making this happen.
  • Selecting / switching health, home, or auto insurance in a similar way.
    • Policy history built on Blockchain Technology will make this happen.
  • The cost savings and election integrity achieved when risk of entitlement and voting fraud is reduced by identity mechanisms (birth certificates, social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, voter registration, death certificates, green cards, visas, and work permits) integrated through Blockchain Technology.
  • Improved decisions yielding better performance as Blockchain Technology eliminates political/social/ideological bias by securing the integrity of search results.
    • Also consider how the probability common ground will be found increases, and improvement to the human condition accelerates as objectivity is protected.
  • How Blockchain Technology, by validating on-line identities; will protect, improve, and grow the user experience.
  • Efficiencies gained in hiring and retention as Blockchain Technology validates individual competencies and performance.
    • Especially consider how the quality of education will improve as competencies are validated from Pre-K through higher education.
  • Elimination of political speak as elected officials will be accountable to the transparency created by Blockchain Technology.

The timing and magnitude of improvements to and benefits of Blockchain cannot be known. However it is a proven technology; and its evolution is accelerating. Blockchain will have a significant and positive impact on value creation. The level of transparency it creates will inspire, compel, direct, support, and accelerate improvement in the behavior of individuals and organizations.