Biotech Activity – Nevro Corp

This morning was fairly active in the biotechs sector right at the open, but then tapered off shortly thereafter. One of the biggest movers was Nevro Corp (NVRO). The stock was down -8.33% at the time of writing this content, and about 1/3rd of that move occurred just before I started making the video covering the original entry signal. But unfortunately, I was a few seconds late for that last leg of the big move and missed it, but perhaps we’ll get another chance later. On a side note, Biocept (BIOC) was up over 2300% on paper, but in reality that was only the result of a 1:30 reverse split, meaning that 30 shares of the stock are now consolidated into 1 share. The purpose was, of course, to prop up the share price so that the stock would not be removed from listing on the Nasdaq. Here’s a quick video overview of what happened this morning.