Beware Of the Blaring Trumpet

Why oh why must our President express his every thought? This is not a political knock. I’m not picking one side of the aisle or the other. So before you jump to attack or defend him, hear me out. When a sitting President counters the thoughts of a Fed Chairman and places blame towards the policies and the resulting market drop, we have a recipe for disaster. Imagine for a moment, on the day of a rate hike, he tweets his disdain. I don’t care what you think of that, I care what the market thinks of that. And so do you. This is my worry. But enough of that concern, because we have mixed messages to deal with that are more pressing. The huge move yesterday gave the market relief across the board. We saw major averages regain footing north of the 200 DMA, with the exception of the Russell. Yet, beneath the surface, weakness lives in the three keys areas I watch. Join me for a quick review of what those areas are, and why you should be watching them.