Best 2 Actions Congress Can Take for America and the Markets

U.S. Citizens deserve full protection from, not the betrayal of elected officials. Betrayal comes in many forms:

  • Voter fraud
  • Medicare, Medicaid , and Social Security Fraud
  • Illegal immigration
    • Increasing stress on education, healthcare, and safety resources of most vulnerable communities.
  • Weak Boarder Security
    • Drugs
    • Human Trafficking
    • Bad People – gang members/terrorists
  • H-1B Visas taking jobs from American Citizens (37% of eligible adults are not in the workforce!)

The top priorities for Congress should be:

  • Apply Blockchain and biometric technology to create a data base of U.S. Citizens for voting and Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits to eliminate fraud.
    • Require paper ballots to create a complete audit trail.
      • Put technology and paper ballots together and you guarantee the integrity of U.S. elections.
    • Secure the boarders, enforce immigration laws, implement immigration reform giving DACA recipients a path to Citizenship, replace chain and lottery immigration with one based on merit, and eliminate H-1B Visas*.
      • *Requiring colleges and universities to accept all U.S. Citizen’s applications first before accepting foreign applicants minimizes the risk of losing talent back to foreign competitors. There is an abundance of homegrown talent to be developed that is being blocked.

Given that Medicare and Medicaid Fraud cost are estimated at $60 B annually ; Illegal immigration to cost between $90 – $135 B annually  ;  and that no price tag can be placed on betraying the best interests of American workers and students  (H-1B Visas), the need and benefits speak for themselves.

Members of the House, Senate, Administration, political pundits, and journalists who object to ending the betrayal of the electorate fear losing their power and influence. They claim to be champions of the poor and at risk when they are accelerating their decline. Protecting individual and property rights is the key to creating the abundance to care for those who cannot care for themselves.