Are You Tapped? Take the Test

It doesn’t matter if you are a full or part-time trader/investor, thinking about starting, or passive. 5G increasing Internet speed and capacity 100X will prove a catastrophic risk for the unprepared. Take the test to find out just how at risk you, your investments, and the people you depend on are.

Do you spend more time chasing than staying ahead of events?

  • Think about all activity over the last 30 days. Social, personal, and professional.
  • Write a ratio to express time spent chasing v staying ahead. For example 40:60 would be 40 chasing 60 ahead.
  • If your ratio was 30:70 or greater you are either at significant risk or already trapped.

Are you overworked?

  • Find yourself frequently canceling – rescheduling time with family and friends?
  • Or maybe you stopped scheduling because you find it less stressful to just plan to work all the time.

How aware are you for the risk your team is overworked?

Management peers / strategic partners overworked?

Clients overworked?

When we are overworked we are trapped. We do not believe we have the time to take back control. Reclaiming our independence has to wait. The more we wait the harder it is to break free. Risk for breakdown keeps increasing:

  • Team members’ burnout and leave.
  • Management peers retire.
  • Strategic partners can’t keep up.
  • Clients sell out or close up.

Employee engagement and retention are not anywhere near performance levels desired. Recruiting becomes more challenging by the day. Validating the risk for breaking down is increasing.

Before I tell you about ‘The Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back’, I will tell you how to take back control.

The ratio of time spent chasing v staying ahead flips when we learn how to increase Brain Function. Think of the flip as upgrading the Brain’s OS so it gets to better information, analyzes it faster, and makes more out of it.

Increased Brain Function develops higher awareness improving targeting of effort and sensitivity for preparedness. You see and fill knowledge and competency gaps faster and faster. Improvement accelerates. You keep achieving higher awareness. You consistently outperform by anticipating client/customer, team, and organizational needs.

You have taken back control and secured your independence.

You spend 80-90% or more of your time staying ahead instead of chasing events.

Frustration, anxiety, and stress are replaced by strong conviction for who, what, and when to trust; starting with self. Improvement continues to accelerate as distraction and conflict are smothered by knowledge transfer and information flow.

To take back control you must chose not to be trapped. That choice is made by committing to 5 hours a week, you decide when, for 4 weeks to upgrade your Brain’s OS. No matter how busy you are, you can find 5 hours a week for the next 4 weeks to reclaim and secure your independence (professional standing).

Now for ‘The Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back’,  5G increasing Internet speed and capacity 100X over 4G.

Note 4G was just a 10X increase to power the Smart Phone. That 10X increase multiplied information and events impacting social, personal, and professional life. Breathed life into the power of Machine Learning and AI. 4G 10X increase is why you are either at significant risk or already trapped.

What do you think will happen to the ratio when 5G is fully deployed at the end of next year (2020)? Triggering an exponential increase to information and events. Even if you are leader conditioned to stay ahead of change, think about the consequences of a 100X increase impacting team members, client/customers, and strategic partners. Remember variables and risk for gaps increase proportionally with accelerating change.

If you still don’t think the risk is significant then consider what happens when the power of Machine Learning and AI to harvest data, profile, and target an audience plugs into the 5G pipe.

Right now is the time to invest 5 hours a week for the next 4 weeks to get out of the trap. The longer you wait the less likely your escape.

The sooner you act the greater advantage you will have in the 5G World.

You can go to to learn how to being upgrading your Brain’s OS.