Are you skeptical of online investment advisors?

I’ve been teaching investors and traders for well over 15 years and THIS question often comes up…

“If you’re so successful at trading, why the heck do you teach and advise?”

If you’re like many of my followers, you are probably skeptical of any so-called “trading guru” and rightfully so. I know many self-proclaimed “gurus” that don’t actively trade in the markets and instead make their living by teaching.

What do you need to know before you purchase a program from a “guru”?

Be sure to put them to the test and ask the hard-hitting questions. Find out if they are trading their strategies every day. Find out if the strategies are still relevant in today’s marketplace

I’ve been trading my strategies every day since 2003. I’m constantly improving my trading through daily practice. Whoever you choose to guide you in your investing and trading should be doing the same.

Watch the video and get all the tips!