Are You Evolving or Managing Your Decline

Think of improvement as a heartbeat.

Improving a little each day is a weak heartbeat.  Improving a lot is a strong one.

Given how fast the rate of change is accelerating we need a strong heartbeat just to keep pace.

Think about the ratio of time spent chasing v staying ahead of the day’s events. Not just for a single day but over a week or a month. Is it 50:50?  Or maybe 40:60? The poorer the ratio is the more likely you are to be managing decline instead of evolving fast enough to remain relevant. Higher ratios generate higher energy and greater happiness. Higher rations prove it is way easier to be great than good!

The sad thing is we consistently break promises to ourselves about making the time to improve / change. If we took the time to understand how a weak heartbeat impacts those we interact with professionally, and who we care about most personally, then we would make achieving a higher ratio (strengthening our heartbeat) our top priority.

Technology began punching the accelerator in the late 90’s. Transforming the workplace into a hyper-dynamic environment where so much information is presented so fast professionals are more likely to be overwhelmed than empowered. Consider over the last 50 years the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company has dropped from 75 to 15 years .

Bureaucracies lack the agility to improve fast enough to remain competitive. We are moving towards a leaner and more collaborative corporate structure where multiple strategic relationships replace mergers and acquisitions. Small and mid-sized entities fueled by highly agile professionals are becoming the new normal. These professionals have a strong heartbeat accelerating their evolution and securing their agility.

Please do not expect the HR department to save you. Neither professionals and organizational development experts nor higher education understand the problem. If they did then they would be focused on strengthening behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively instead of diversity and inclusion.

People who are committed to doing the work are rewarded with high awareness minimizing risk for bias in how they perceive, comprehend, and project information. Their behavior makes their desire to improving themselves and the world around them highly transparent. Their creativity and imagination attract others to them. Collaboration and innovation ignite! Their work ethic and selflessness have made them color blind and open to all.

Your invited to develop a strong heartbeat and experience why it is way easier to be great than good. All you have to do is make improvement – strengthening behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively – your top priority.  Learning how to develop and support High Intuitive Function is a great place to start.