Anti-Trump protests in London to threaten U.S.-U.K. ties?

LONDON, U.K. – The U.S. President Donald Trump, who is preparing for his first U.K. State Visit set to be held this month has so far not commented on the increasing number of people who are set to pour into London during his four-day visit.

Trump’s visit to London is expected to see about 100,000 protesters taking to the streets of the capital, in protests being staged by various groups.

Further, a team of anti-Trump activists led by Leo Murray, are planning to unveil the much hyped giant “Trump Baby” blimp into the skies above central London during the U.S. President’s visit to the U.K.

Amid reports on all the plans being made by those opposing Trump, and some small ones being made in support of the controversial American president – on Sunday, reports revealed Trump’s itinerary for his visit.

When rumors have previously led to similar preparations being made across the country, the plans this time around have become more pronounced due to the growing anger against Trump’s policies.

However, in a bid to avoid confrontational situations as much as the one that might present itself during Trump’s visit, the U.S. President is now said to have decided to give London a miss.

His itinerary however shows a very minimal period of stay in London.

Trump’s trip won’t include a view of the special baby blimp or the numerous creative posters being printed in his dishonor – but a view of a palace, the country mansion and a castle.

Last week, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said that Trump will arrive July 12 after attending a NATO summit in Brussels.

The same evening, he will attend a black-tie dinner with business leaders at Blenheim Palace, a grand country house near Oxford that was the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

Further, reports noted that the U.S. President will be greeted with military pomp, including a welcome by bands of the Irish, Scots and Welsh Guards.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland, which is the homeland of Trump’s mother, will pipe him out at the end of the dinner.

The following day, Trump and May will visit an unspecified defense site before holding talks at Chequers – which is the prime minister’s country retreat, not very far away from the capital.

The statement from May’s office added that, the president will then travel to Windsor Castle, west of London, for an audience with Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, as Trump meets the Queen, tens of thousands of protesters plan to march and to fly a blimp depicting Trump as a screaming orange baby over Parliament.

Responding to reports claiming that the president was trying consciously to avoid the large protests, U.S. Ambassador Robert “Woody” Johnson, told reporters on a conference call that the president’s itinerary was not designed to keep him away from protesters.

Johnson, who is expected to meet Trump on Thursday, said, “The president is not avoiding anything. The president is merely trying to get as impactful a trip as he can get in a 24-hour period.”

However, on Sunday, a report quoted a close Trump aide as saying that there was a possibility that Trump could turn on May if protesters anger him during the visit.

Earlier, Trump has labeled Theresa May a “schoolmistress” – and experts have cited other character traits that could threaten an outburst from the volatile President – including taking offense to the blimp and

Meanwhile, as some lawmakers in the country are participating in efforts to deter the impact of the anti-Trump effects – others are pushing them forward by providing the right approvals.

However, now White House aides are said to be dreading their unpredictable President’s response to widespread demonstrations as he is known to remain glued to his television set.

According to a senior Republican quoted in a report in The Sunday Times, Trump would spend the weekend in Scotland, where he is staying at his Turnberry golf course.

The Republican official said, “The highlight of the trip for President Trump will be meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle.

“He will also be keen to hear about progress towards Brexit and I would expect him to give a full-throated endorsement of the vote to quit the European Union.”

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