Aligned Media Self-Destructs

Successful investors maintain their objectivity to see the big picture.

Voters are more likely to identify as independent with each passing day.

Independent thought significantly increases the probability for objective decision-making and rational behavior. Higher levels of awareness and stronger conviction created by this shift in voter identity will lift the market to significantly higher valuations.

Democrats are distancing themselves from the extreme wing (Maxine Watters and Keith Ellison) that speaks for the party.

Republicans are distancing themselves from Representatives and Senators who fail to make their intentions transparent (John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker).

The electorate wants clarity. Somehow the Aligned Media is missing this transformation. My guess is they are angry that they have lost complete control of the narrative.

Last week CBS reported 51% now want a Border Wall. Previous polling reported 60% objected. The same poll also reported 79% do not want anyone coming into the country illegally.

Progress with North Korea creating positive momentum for Iran and the Middle East; significant quarter over quarter increase in earnings (Q4 13% better than Q3; Q1 17% better than Q4); strengthening labor market; historical increases for minority employment; strong housing market; march towards fairer trade; and the Atlanta Fed expecting Q2 GDP to approach 5% point to harmony and prosperity. Gold on the verge of entering a major Bear Market expected to validate as investors move into equities to earn higher returns.

Voters are aggressively seeking out alternative news feeds.

Apple reported today that it will curate its own news for the 2018 mid-term elections. Will they learn from the poor behavior of Facebook, Google (YouTube), and Twitter caught blocking and shadow banning conservative news? Or will they also defer to ultra-progressive Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to identify hate speech.

The sophistication of the electorate is accelerating. The better they understand current events and policies either diluting or protecting their rights as Citizens the more independent they will become.

Free advice to new providers; make your commitment to objective reporting as transparent as you can. A massive audience is waiting for you and growing by the second.