Why The Aligned Media Is The Enemy Of The Investor

The Aligned Media distracts and misinforms.

Focus is on using the moment to manipulate public opinion instead of examining the potential for value creation or destruction over the long-term.

Anchors and reporters either lack the depth or the sense of propriety (professionalism) to objectively report or question.  For example, why is the approval rating of the President (50% Rasmussen* May 3) not contrasted against significant economic improvement evidenced by GDP, Q3, Q4, and now Q1 2018 earnings? Wouldn’t objective reporting point to a significant disconnect?  What influence is most likely responsible? *Note Rasmussen was the most accurate Presidential polling for 2016 as tracked by Real Clear Politics.

Why wasn’t the historical performance of tax cuts paying for themselves while igniting sustainable growth (JFK, Reagan) reported when evaluating the Tax Cut and Jobs Act? Why isn’t evidence highlighting the positive long-term implications of the corporate tax rate dropping from 35 to 21% in 2018, and re-patriotization of an estimated $3 Trillion being reported on regularly?

Why wasn’t the severity of the imbalance in NAFTA and trade agreements with China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan examined? Objective reporting would have created the transparency to compel fair trade long before the current Administration took power. Instead the Aligned Media was appalled by withdraw from TTP.

Why didn’t they examine and report on the disparity of the Paris Agreement? Or continued exposing of data temperature fraud? Or the disconnection between projected temperature gain and actual cooling?

Why is the aligned media silent on Iran’s deception securing a treaty lifting sanctions and providing $150 Billion cash infusion for the world’s biggest sponsor of terror? Where is the reporting of the consequences? Given the progress on North Korea why isn’t the press lamenting lifting of the Iran sanctions in 2015?

Investors must stay focused on the fundamental laws of economic performance. They must take note of significant disparities in reporting of GDP v quarterly earnings; ADP v non-farm payroll reporting; disconnect between price and petroleum product inventories.  Actual outcomes of foreign policy versus the expectations of the Aligned Media. Investors who do the work to reconcile manipulative reporting by the Aligned Media will outperform and protect those close to them.

Volatility is the product of growing distrust for reporting by the Aligned Media and likeminded social media platforms. Not poor decisions or weak leadership of the current Administration. Common sense policy based on fairness will endure. Liars will not. Crowd Sourced Open Investigation is accelerating their exposure.