Absolute Truths the Aligned Media Keeps Hidden

This is what the Aligned Media does not what you to know:

  • Sustainable growth generates the revenue to fund Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, public education, police, fire, emergency services, military, intelligence services, and the judicial system.
    • Instead they want you to believe risk takers, responsible for sustainable growth, are evil.
  • Sustainable growth also creates the abundance to finance global aid, lead peace keeping efforts, and fight illicit drugs, human trafficking, and institutionalized evil.
  • Sustainable growth is the product of intelligent risk.
  • Intelligent risk requires practical laws, regulations, and policies that are clearly defined, consistently communicated, applied, and enforced.
  • Intelligent risk requires government to make its strong commitment to protection of individual and property rights, the tools of value creation, highly transparent.
  • The return of economic strength and accelerating growth are the products of Trump Administration policies and leadership creating the high transparency necessary to inspire and compel intelligent risk.
    • Q2 GDP 4.2% and climbing; note Q3 first report of 3.5% GDP will adjust significantly higher as Q3 Earnings are running 24% above Q2 with 78% of companies reporting according to FACTset.
  • Sustainable growth achieved and the abundance it is creating to care and protect those who cannot care for and protect themselves is best secured by continuation of Trump Administration policy and leadership.

The Aligned Media, while championing the less fortunate dooms them by attacking the drivers of sustainable growth. Those most responsible for creating the high transparency inspiring and compelling intelligent risk.

Imagine how much better the World would be if the Aligned Media engaged in honest debate instead of personal attacks. The only transparency created by the Aligned Media is its commitment to deceive, manipulate, and exploit those who play by the rules to improve the human condition.

The Aligned Media holds its power by keeping the weak at significant disadvantage; and the honest and hardworking disheartened. Should the weak become self-sufficient, and the honest and hardworking breakthrough to financial independence then there will be no one left for them to deceive, manipulate, and exploit for the benefit of their masters.

Vote for freedom and prosperity.