About 40,000 cybercrimes committed in Russia in 2018 – police

Russia’s Interior Ministry has registered about 40,000 cybercrimes in Russia since the beginning of the year of 2018, Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov told reporters on Friday, TASS reported.

“About 40,000 [cybercrimes] have been registered. The damage is not big, but most of them are targeting banks. The cyberattack hits, they repel it but prefer not to spread this information as latency is rather high,” Zubov said.

Cybercrimes can be divided into several classes, he said.

“The first class consists of traditional criminal offences, which spill on the Internet, namely thefts, extortion and blackmail. The second class of cybercrime has become an unalienable part of international organized criminal groups which specialize in money transfers by handling billions. All this happens in cyberspace. Modern technology must uncover all these things a priori,” Zubov said.

Earlier in the day, Vice Public Security Minister Meng Hongwei, who is the current president of the International Criminal Police Organization (known as Interpol), said in his address to the International Cybersecurity Congress in Moscow that he doubted new technology would defeat cybercrime.

“People are constantly inventing new technology but we should not forget that criminals start using them for their crimes and from the point of practice they are a few steps ahead, since they are in shadow but we are on the bright side,” he said. “We abide by the law, but they do not care about the law, so running happens under unequal conditions.”

According to Meng Hongwei, law enforcers “might apply new sort of technology and pressure cybercrime, but the effect will be temporary, since they will be able to find cracks in the niches which might be penetrated.”

“We should not deceive ourselves that we can find solutions with the help of new technology,” the Interpol president said, noting that a unified global platform should be set up to battle cybercrime.

This article provided by NewsEdge.