A Divergence Signal For An Easy Trade On Emini Futures, Trading Gold, And More Forex!

A terrific US session which delivered one of the unusual anomalies, but always one to watch, and this is divergence across the three primary US emini indices. Here we saw the NQ and the ES falling, whilst the DOW (YM) was trying to rally and so giving us a clear and unequivocal signal markets were weak, and therefore an opportunity to get into the YM early which was duly dragged lower by the combined power of the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 – a terrific low risk trade courtesy of simple analysis using related markets! This delivered a wonderful trade with no risk and some easy profits.

Moving to the gold workspace, where too we found some excellent trading opportunities with the currency strength indicator giving us that all important view of the US dollar.

Finally we moved from NinjaTrader back to the MT5 platform where all the indices are also available and can be traded with lower margin requirements. And of course forex, with a recap on the EUR/AUD which delivered in the European/London session earlier.