3 Things More Powerful than Wealth

Love of God, Country, and Family –

The personal and professional fulfillment created through love of God, Country, and Family is the source of joy and happiness. The goodness and strength (community, collaboration, and innovation) created by its transparency are nature’s most powerful and enduring force.

The greater love is, the stronger our resolve to stand against corruption will be.

Individual and property rights and protections are the tools manifesting love of God, Country, and Family. They create the abundance to care for those who cannot care for themselves; and overflows from family, to community, to a nation, and then to the world.

Love of God, Country, and Family has made the United States the greatest creator of abundance in history.

Has it been perfect? No. Anything of human hands will always have particles / flakes of corruption.  However abundance comes from overwhelming goodness; evidenced by tangible improvement to the Human Condition.

Ask yourself why the Aligned Media consistently portrays love of God, Country, and Family in a negative light?

Why is the Aligned Media sympathetic to open borders, and non-enforcement of laws protecting and securing individual and property rights?

Why does the Aligned Media tolerate and condone the slaughter of defenseless innocents in the womb?

Why is the Aligned Media attempting to normalize the sexual exploitation of children and protect their predators?

How has evil, the denial and obstruction of love, ever improved the Human Condition?

Let us use this 4th of July Celebration of God, Country, and Family to strengthen our resolve against forces who seek to minimize, ridicule, and destroy the source of our joy and happiness.

Let us remain mindful of the power of Liberty, the cost of its Legacy, and remain unwavering in our duty to honor and preserve Freedom at home; and to aid those who yearn for it beyond our shores.