2018 People’s Choice Charts

 In This Post We Look At The 5 Most Popular Charts We Tweeted This Year As Ranked By Views And Engagement. I’m Sure You Along With Our Twitter Followers Will Find The Charts Interesting And Insightful – Of Course If You Think We Missed One That Should Be Included Please Get In Contact.

  1. This One Raised A Lot Of Eyebrows – A Combined View Of Leveraged Bets On US Stocks… Close To Half A Trillion In Leverage Added By Traders In The Past 5 Years. The Unwind However Has Begun.

  1. Another one to raise some eyebrows… we can debate about the best way to display the series in this chart (i.e. level vs rate of change), but the key point is that it appears as though the commencement of quantitative tightening was a key catalyst to the push higher in bond yields (shown inverted), which makes intuitive sense.

3. Speculative positioning – a double bet. This chart showed extreme net-longs in equities, and big net-shorts in bonds… sort of a compound bet.

4. The I/B/E/S consensus long term average earnings growth for the S&P500 – could say there was some excitement on the outlook.

5. It quickly became apparent as the year went on that we were entering into a synchronized softening of growth momentum globally. Time will tell if this is just a late-cycle growth scare or something more sinister…