2 Weeks To Becoming A Better Trader

In this webinar, we are going to swing the pendulum to an action plan you can implement that will see you with a very different outlook on trading within 2 weeks. In some cases it’ll lead to an absolute edge in the market, in others you’ll fall short but be much closer to it.

We’ll consider the following:

  • Who this is for – your experience, outlook, goals and commitment level
  • The nature of an edge in the market
  • The pre-requisites to your 2 week action plan – the things you have to bring to the table
  • When, what, where, why
  • Your 2 week plan in detail
  • The things that will throw you off track
  • What if the 2 weeks draws a blank?
  • Analyzing the results and formulating a go-forward plan

We’ll also discuss the results of people that have been through the process. What did they discover about themselves and the market?