$15 minimum wage is no grand bargain for businesses

When all the backslapping stops on Beacon Hill over the “Grand Bargain” that took three questions off the November ballot, small businesses will be saddled with the most costly paid family and medical leave benefits in the nation, and be forced to pay entry-level workers a $15 minimum wage. This bargain was by no means “grand” for Massachusetts small businesses.

Labor received almost all it wanted, but small businesses got a pittance with the end to Sunday/holiday premium pay and the addition of a yearly two-day sales tax-free weekend. That’s no bargain; it’s table scraps. The resulting cutbacks will hurt employees as well as businesses, and those workers also have to pay into a leave program they may not want or ever use.

This new tactic of threatening to take complex labor policies to the ballot that impact small businesses is no way to legislate or enact sound economic policy. Caving to big labor will only result in more ballot questions down the road.

With all the headlines about the “grand bargain,” I hope residents of Massachusetts have a better understanding of why it wasn’t grand for Main Street small businesses in towns all over our state.

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