10 Things Howard Lindzon Told My Class

Last week Howard Lindzon came to Cleveland (I know amazing right?) as a favor to talk to my FinTech class at Case Western Weatherhead School of Business. He came to talk as the elder statesman of the FinTech world having been in and around the space from the beginning.

Those of you that know Howard know he bounces around a lot in a conversation. And this was no different. Lots of bouncing around but constant progress towards the end. I took a lot of notes and came away with 10 highlights:

1. Lesson #1 in Finance is Speed

2. You are gonna be wrong all the time so go out and experience life. You can’t understand it if you do not get involved.

3. The earlier you lose money the faster you will learn how to treat it and respect it.

4. Create your vision by playing with toys.

5. It is ok to not start a company but rather be a #2 or #10 employee.

6. Fractional is important to the future.

7. Foreplay is about being nice to people. Ingratiate yourself to power in order to learn from it.

8. It is the product jumping off the shelf that matters, not you.

9. There is no perfect deal, just keep moving forward.

10. You can’t start something and know the end game.

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